Theatre shows in English

The Activities 2020-21

At the moment our live theatre shows for large audiences have been cancelled due to the pandemic. However, we are still Moving On and we offer an On-Line series for Secondary, Bachillerato and Adults on a national level. You can find all the information about our On-Line series in our section Moving On-Line

For Primary students in Asturias and Cantabria we offer small-scale, presential theatre activities in your classroom, “Lost and Found”. At all times respecting Covid protocols and guaranteeing health and safety. Here we give full details of this activity and further down we invite you to take a look at what we have prepared for the return to total normality.

Small-scale presential theatre in your classroom

Primary – Asturias – Lost and Found


Theatre shows in English secondary

While walking the Saint James’ Way, Harry gets lost. Today he calls at the door of your school to ask for directions. In exchange he will tell you a few tales about his adventures with games and songs.


Two versions: 1st – 3rd year and another for 4th – 6th year Primary. Full pre-teaching package with songs and activities included. Native English actor.


An activity specially designed taking into account the health and safety measures of schools: mask with ffp2 filter, gel, social distancing, bubble groups, one actor with own material and equipment.

Small-scale presential theatre in your classroom

Infants – Asturias – Barbara’s Bag

Theatre shows in English secondary

It’s Barbara’s first day working at your school, but when she arrives at class she realises she has lost her car and house keys. While she desperately searches for them, many surprises come out of her handbag all to entertain and teach us.

Designed for  pupils from 3 to 5 years. Includes 3 songs and choreographies to learn. Native English actress


An activity specially designed taking into account the health and safety measures of schools: mask with ffp2 filter, gel, social distancing, bubble groups, one actor with own material and equipment.

After the Pandemic we will be back on tour with these two shows:


Secondary, Bachillerato and Adults – Going Underground

Theatre shows in English secondary

Post- Pandemic London, 2024: once again the syren warning of dangerous levels of air pollution goes off, and everybody heads to the nearest Tube Station to take refuge. Harry works in Down Street Station, a “ghost station” that fell into disuse and that he now maintains as a shelter for people in moments of high pollution in the city.

Bob is a reporter on her way to the emergency conference for pollution and Climate Change but, finding herself forced to take shelter from the polluted air, it seems she will never get to her destination and won’t be able to broadcast her report, critical with the measures so far taken by world governments.

The situation will take everybody today sheltering in the station on a hilarious and highly educational journey through London on it’s famous Underground to tell the truth to the world and convince its governments that it is time to act to save the planet.

 Suitable for and adaptable to all levels of Secondary, “Bachillerato” and Technical Education. It comes with highly educational teaching material that includes the songs from the show. Entirely in English and performed by native speaking actors from Great Britain. The show has a duration of approximately 65 minutes and the maximum audience is 300 people.

Primary – Touch Wood

Somewhere in England, 1962: Harry, the owner of a hotel in ruins in an isolated town, receives a letter from someone who wants to buy the hotel. Excited by the possibility of another life away from his birthplace, Harry does everything possible to impress the buyers. However, not everything is as it seems and the apparent representative of the buyers does not appear to be exactly who she says she is.

As the paths of our two protagonists cross, everyone will find themselves involved in a comical tangle that will catapult us all to the twenty-first century where the world is drowning in plastic and Bob and Harry will have to work extremely hard to clean up the hotel and its surroundings in order to survive.

The show is a comical look at superstitions and it involves us in the task of looking after our environment to save the earth from ecological disaster, teaching us that our future is not a question of luck.

A comical, musical, participatory show in pure Moving On style for students of English from 3rd year Primary upwards. The show lasts approximately 50 minutes. Maximum audience: 300. Teaching Material with written and listening exercises and the two songs sung live all included. The topic of the Material is “Superstitions and the Environment”.

Theatre shows in English primary

“Los chicos se lo pasaron genial. Muchas gracias por todo. Espero que nos veamos el próximo curso.”

Adela Amores – Profesora de inglés
IES Valle del Tiétar – Arenas de San Pedro (Ávila)

“la participación de los mismos alumnos en la obra es una iniciativa muy positiva, que hizo que se sintieran más motivados para el aprendizaje de la lengua…”

Conxita Badia

Jefa del seminario de Lengua Inglesa – IES Torredembarra (Tarragona)


“Dinámico, con humor inteligente e inteligible para todos los niveles de la escuela…..¡Genial!” ”

 Ana López
Profesora de inglés EOI de GETAFE

“Steve Jesson……todo un hombre-orquesta.”


“ sorprendió mucho la energía y las ganas con la que se puede lograr hacer sonreír a muchísima gente”

Soufian Boussouf Himmiten, alumno de IES Puig Castellar
Sta. Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona)

“Debo felicitaros por vuestro excelente trabajo y fantástica actuación. Los actores han sido realmente estupendos, comunicativos, expresivos, divertidos y se han dejado la piel para agradar a nuestros alumnos” ”

Marta Riera, profesora de inglés
IES SA Palomera – Blanes (Girona)


“Estuvieron ayer aquí los chicos y ¡resultó genial! Estuvo muy animado y divertido y lo pasamos estupendamente bien…¡Muchas gracias y hasta la próxima!””

Patri Fernández Alberca
EOI Alicante


teatro en ingles en colegios e institutos
teatro en ingles colegios e institutos

Due to the pandemic and the safety measures taken by the different Autonomous Regions, we cannot perform our shows for large audiences. As soon as the situation normalises, we will see you again in person.
In the meantime you can continue enjoying our work with our on-line series or, in Asturias and Cantabria, our small scale theatre for Primary students

Talleres ingles para colegios

Small-scale theatre for Primary. One version for 1st - 3rd years and another for 4th - 6th years.
An interactive, dynamic activity, totally in English, following all Covid health and safety measures. In Asturias and Cantabria February to April 2021

clases de conversacion

A 9-part series in English. Comedy, Documentaries, Debates, Music and News.
Ideal support resource for presential, semi-presential or on-line teaching of secondary, bachillerato and adults.