Moving On-Line 2020-21

Conversation classes in English with native
  • an economical alternative to our live theatre shows
  • a perfect complementary activity for in-class or on-line teaching
  • access code valid for all the students of your centre
  • teaching material for students with each episode
  • especially designed for secondary, bachillerato and adults
  • two episodes each month
  • one payment guarantees access for all your students, all year
  • news, reviews, documentaries, debates, music, comedy, culture, sports……..
Conversation classes in English in Asturias

In 2020-21 we would love to continue our activities, live, in your school or town. However, we are very aware that measures introduced by the authorities due to Covid-19 may make forming groups of students in school theatres and local Cultural Centres impossible. For this reason we have developed an alternative activity for secondary, bachillerato and adults, designed as a support resource to help teachers in 2020-21, in-class or on-line. and offering your students the possibility to continue laughing, debating and learning English in an enjoyable and fun way through our work.

“No News is Good News”: When Bob and Harry lose their jobs with the Covid-19 crisis, Bob immediately begins drawing up her CV while Harry makes a shopping list of all his favourite food. Bob is selected to be a newsreader on an internet TV channel, and Harry slips in as her assistant. The News will never be the same again!

Dialogues, debates, documentaries, comedy and music, all form part of this 16-episode series, entirely in English, developed to help and entertain teachers and students in 2020-21.

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